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Protection of personal information

Groupe Optinursing complies with Law 25 by appointing a person responsible for the protection of personal information, by developing a confidentiality policy & a plan to manage confidentiality incidents. OptiNursing Group is prepared to comply with the new consent and transparency requirements and we have put in place mechanisms to minimize the risks associated with the collection and use of personal information.

Regular assessment of compliance with Law 25 is carried out as well as updating our policies and procedures accordingly. Groupe OptiNursing, a healthcare personnel placement company, cannot use your email address provided during an exchange to send you future newsletters, promotions, etc. Your consent & agreement to this must be manifest, free and informed.

Responsible for the protection of personal information:

Marie-Joël Lalonde
Executive Director
OptiNursing Group
(613) 795-4967

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Protection of personal information

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