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Nursing Care


Groupe OptiNursing offers a wide range of services designed and adapted to the situation of ill people who want to remain at home but need support to do so. Our services aim to help you stay in your residence, improve your health or facilitate your return home following hospitalization or convalescence.

Documented follow-up

With our agency, it is common practice to monitor and document home health care treatments at every step. We take measures to ensure a high level of continuity of care for every patient.

  1. The Health Check – This report prepared by an authorized nurse assesses the current health status of the patient and specifies the conditions that originated the demand for care.
  2. A Nursing Care Plan – This form lists the specific needs of the patient and the caregiver's tasks. It is signed daily by on site caregivers.
  3. Daily Health Care Notes – A record of care by the caregiver is required to relay patient data from a caregiver to another, as well as to the care manager.

At-home nursing services

  • Wound care and follow-up
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Catheter care, urinary catheter, pessary
  • Ostomy care: colostomy, tracheostomy, gastrostomy
  • Intravenous antibiotic, PICC line, Porto-A-Cath
  • Feeding administration and other treatments
  • Treatment support
  • Palliative care, pain control
  • Foot care
  • Blood samples
  • Injections
  • Vaccinations

How we proceed

Upon receiving your request, Groupe OptiNursing Care Coordinator will assess your needs. We will then follow these steps :

  • Provide a complete collection of patient data and treatment required.
  • Determine a personalized health care plan involving your family members, which depends on their availability.
  • Collaborate with health care professionals involved in your case.
  • Plan the number of hours for required personnel, depending on care assessment.
  • Implement a personalized heath care plan for the patient at home.
  • Evaluate the services delivered and communicate the results to the family.

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