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During the holiday season, avoid emergency wards

The holiday season is a whirlwind of festivities that requires taking a number of precautions if you want to avoid disease. In this holiday season, people are encouraged more than ever to wisely use the public health services, and to avoid overcrowding emergency wards.

For example, in the case of a flu, a cold or gastroenteritis, it is recommended to call first the Info-Santé telephone service, your Health Center, which can be reached at 811 in the Gatineau area.

The hospital is often not the solution

Indeed, hospital emergency wards do not always represent the best solution, especially in winter when emergencies are often crowded.

While Info-Santé nurses are trained to assess the risk of complications, these health professionals will also know the times and locations of health clinics.

Find it on the Web first!

Pharmacists, family physicians, family medical groups and health agencies, hospitals and the Paediatric Association of Quebec websites may also be useful. You can always find information by browsing the website of your municipality.

If you do want to avoid hospital emergency wards, it is good to know that the Outaouais Health and Social Services Network website offers various emergency treatments that can easily be done at home.

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